Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Awesome Brands That Spread God's Words and Inspire People | Spontaneity

According to Mark 16:15, Jesus said to his disciples "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". This has been followed and practiced by our church leaders, pastors, and priests for many years now. By using different means to pass the good news, the religous leaders and groups have been successful in that one goal.

So, what methods did they use to achieve such objective? Traditionally, Priests and Pastors would preach and worship. Same goes with youth organizations where leaders would set a recollection of some sort and then tell the youth everything about the gospel. In modern society, spreading the gospel has evolved to the next level. The religous organizations or even religious members would open up a brand that will spread the gospel and inspire others.

In the course of scrolling through social media, I chanced upon these two brands that deliberately distribute a ray of sunshine to everyone.

InsideOut Prints

Photo credit: InsideOut Prints Facebook Page

This brand is showcasing an "inspirational" theme to their designs. They focus more on encouragement and positivity. They aim to bring a mood-booster to everyone - not just to the one wearing it but also to the one reading it. 

Photo credit: InsideOut Prints Facebook Page

They also offer strings bags, of course with those optimistic words. It's perfect for going out or even for your back-to-school OOTDs. 

Photo credit: InsideOut Prints Facebook Page

I actually joined their giveaway, and I fortunately won 5 t-shirts. How cool is that? They share their blessings to their followers. Also, the thing that I like about them is that they are very kind. They shouldered even the shipping of the shirts and they made sure that the shirts are delivered immediately. They saved me the time for going to their store or office to claim the prize. They respond well to messages as well. 

Their shirts are comfortable to wear - it's neither irritating to the skin nor thin enough to make you uncomfortable. The shirts' prices range from 159-190 Php, nothing above that. Very affordable, right?!

If you want to know more about them or if you want to check out their designs, visit their social media sites: 

On their Facebook page, they also share words of wisdom. So if you happen to have a bad day, their wise encouraging words will help.

Scripture Move Life

Photo credit: Scripture's Facebook Page

This brand is the one who focuses on reaching out to people to share the gospel of the Lord. With their unique designs, they definitely hit the goal. Their shirts state verses from the bible - the so-called Scriptures.

Photo credit: Scripture's Facebook Page

Like InsideOut Prints, their t-shirt prices range from 159-190 Php. They also have the same quality of shirts.

To know more about them, visit their social media sites: (Note: they share bible verses on their Facebook page)

Have you noticed some similarities on these two brands? Well, they are apparently sister brands. They share the same goal, and that is to bring happiness and hope to each and everyone of us. By wearing their t-shirts, we also join the mission to spread God's words.

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  1. This is a great design for the shirt to inspire other who read the print in the shirt. A lots of blogs also that will lead you to read a very inspiriting message that something greater.